36th Vilnius Jazz Festival. 12-16 October, 2022

D.Jurevičius Group


Deimantas Balys Jūrevičius - g
Donatas Petreikis - saxes
Domas Žeromskas - p
Nojus Drąsutis – b
Domantas Razmus – dr

The group has been active for two years. Last year it reached the finals of the VJYP and earned award for the best interpretation of the standard. Now the Quintet returns to the competition in different line-up. In the finals the group will perform its leader’s composition Sinclair.

Deimantas Jūrevičius studied at the Vilnius Conservatoire and the Royal Academy of Music in Aalborg (Denmark). Later furthered his education at the Rhythmic Music Department at the University of Applied Sciences, and presently pursues Master Degree in contemporary music and free jazz at the LAMT.

The guitarist played in different groups including Soul Syrup, Such’a’Trip, TribalVibe, Diama, Maneuver and VR Quartet, took part in Saeby Jazzfestival (Demark), Kaunas Jazz, PIN dienų and Vilnius Mama Jazz festivals.

Currently, Deimantas focuses on the presentation of his personal programme and collaboration with international projects.

Donatas Petreikis studied the piano in music school in Skuodas, but decided to switch to saxophone. He was admitted to the Vilnius Conservatoire and the LAMT, and currently furthers his education in Denmark.

The musician plays in Saulės broliai pop group, R.A.D.D. and Apricity jazz quartets, The Septet, collaborates with renowned Lithuanian jazz musicians including Dmitry Golovanov, Andrej Polevikov, Eugenijus Kanevičius, Paulius Volkovas and Mindaugas Vadoklis.

In 2013, Donatas was voted the best instrumentalist in the VJYP as well as in GrocK, became a winner of the International Competition for Young Jazz Performers in Rostov-on-Don (Russia).

A versatile musician took part in a variety of festivals: Vilnius Mama Jazz, Vilnius Jazz, Ignalina Jazz, Tallinn Jazz one, Tudengijazz (Estonia), Saulkrasti Jazz Festival (Latvia), Tai - aš bard festival, Senamiesčio žiogas, Sostinės dienos, Tebūnie naktis and Vilnius Gdanske to name but a few.

Domas Žeromskas has already appeared on almost all major jazz scenes in Lithuania, collaborated with celebrated Lithuanian jazz masters. Last year he was named a discovery of the VJYP.

Having started his studies under the tutelage of Olegas Molokojedovas, the young musician was soon invited to join Vytautas Labutis’ ensembles, together with him he formed Silent Blast, the ensemble patronised and internationally promoted by Kaunas Jazz.

In spring, together with renowned Lithuanian and foreign jazz musicians Domas recorded his debut album, which is about to be released. In summer, he honed his skills under jazz coryphées in Berklee Music College in Boston where he was granted scholarship for Bachelor Degree studies.

Nojus Drąsutis drew attention with jazz ensemble led by saxophonist Vytautas Labutis while still at the Balys Dvarionas Music School. With this ensemble he made several appearances in jazz festivals in Lithuania.

The bassist also earned first prizes in international jazz competition Don Chento Jazz in Kaliningrad and an international competition Music Without Borders where he appeared with jazz ensemble led by Olegas Molokojedovas. His guitar is heard on the ensemble’s CD.

Made in 234, a group which he formed with four schoolmates, captured Grand Prix in Vilnius Jazz Young Power 2014 and the following year garnered the main prize in student jazz competition in Târgu Mureș (Romania).

Drąsutis also plays in Labutis’ Silent Blast. He has appeared in Saulkrasti Jazz in Latvia and almost all main jazz festivals in Lithuania.

Domantas Razmus earned Bachelor Degree in Jazz from the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre in 2017. Since 2012, he has regularly collaborated with renowned Lithuanian jazz masters and representatives of other genres including Dmitry Golovanov, Kęstutis Vaiginis, Vytis Nivinskas, Vytis Smolskus, Arman Isojan and Klaudijus Štuopinis.

In 2012, as a member of R.A.D.D. Razmus won Grand Prix at the Vilnius Jazz Young Power competition, and in 2016 claimed the same award with TDT. In 2017, he garnered first prize at the Tamsta Drumday competition. In 2016, he joined Cinamon jazz quintet with which he performed in Lithuania and Germany.

The drummer has accumulated an extremely wide pool of expression means. His vocabulary includes elements of pop, funk and fusion, traditional jazz, hard rock and punk rock. Occasionally he tries his hand in avant-garde and free jazz experiments.

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