36th Vilnius Jazz Festival. 12-16 October, 2022



Kazimieras Jušinskas – as,ss
Arminas Bižys - as
Danielius Pancerovas – bs
Paulius Vaškas - g
Aurelijus Užameckis - db
Ignas Kasikauskas – dr

This group formed just two years ago, but already made its say at the Vilnius Jazz, Vilnius Mama Jazz, Kaunas Jazz, Peronas Jazz, Šiauliai Jazz and Saulkrasti Jazz (Latvia) festivals, and gave concerts in Berlin, Leipzig and other cities in Germany.

Last year Džiazlaif captured Grand Prix in Vilnius Jazz Young Power where it also was awarded a special prize for the best original composition. At the beginning of this year the group released a debut album, which was recorded in Big Jelly Studio (Great Britain).

Džiazlaif’s nucleus involves the members of Katarsis4 saxophone quartet of the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre (LAMT). These musicians are already well known on Lithuanian jazz scene. They mainly appear on jazz scene, but base their compositions on punk, experimental and avant-garde music fortified with intense exchanges and solo improvisations.

All members of the group contribute to their original repertoire, imbuing it with individual and contrastive flavour. Versatile musicians also partake in various projects including film, theatre and other medias.

Kazimieras Jušinskas started his music studies at the Alytus Music School, played in Alytus Youth Symphony Orchestra. He is a winner of Juozas Pakalnis Competition. Infected with jazz, the saxophonist furthered his studies at the Vilnius Conservatoire, was a member of Magic Time and the Conservatoire Big Band; took part in MIDI rock opera.

Currently, he studies at the LAMT; is a member of Džiazlaif, The Septet and Katarsis4 saxophone quartet. Expert of soprano and alto saxophones he took part in Vilnius Mama Jazz, Kaunas Jazz and Peronas Jazz festivals.

Arminas Bižys is a winner of Juozas Pakalnis Competition. He started his music education at the Vilnius Conservatoire. Currently, he studies at the LAMT.

Baritone and alto saxophone wizard, the musician collaborates with diverse formations. He is a member of Katarsis4 saxophone quartet, Džiazlaif, Miško gyventojai, Syneasthesis contemporary music ensemble and the Lithuanian Interior Ministry Representative Wind Orchestra.

Danielius Pancerovas got involved with jazz while at the Stasys Šimkus Conservatoire in Klaipėda. However, since the school does not offer jazz studies he studied independently.

Together with Klaipėda jazz orchestra and Funk in he appeared in Klaipėda Castle Jazz Festival, and collaborated with the LAMT Big Band in Kaunas Jazz and Vilnius Mama Jazz festivals.

Currently, the saxophonist is a member of Katarsis4, Džiazlaif and The Septet, takes part in various art projects in Lithuania and abroad.

Paulius Vaškas studied electric guitar at the LAMT Jazz Department. He is a member of the renowned alternative jazz group Sheep Got Waxed. With this trio the guitarist recorded soundtrack for Vidas Bareikis’ theatre production Fight Club nominated for Golden Cross of the Stage, released two albums, appeared in Cosmo Jazz festival in France, Birmingham International Jazz & Blues as well as Brighton festivals in Great Britain, gave concerts in Estonia and Russia, and captured Grand Prix in Vilnius Jazz Young Power 2011.

Aurelijus Užameckis is a representative of jazz and classical music scenes. He is a winner of national competitions. He appears in festivals on both platforms – Gaida, Be Stogo, Kaunas Jazz and Peronas Jazz.

The double bassist has honed his skills in master classes led by Petru Iuga, Miloslav Jelínek and Božo Paradžik.

Currently, he studies at the University of Applied Sciences, is actively involved with jazz and improvised music projects, teams up with the artists from different fields. Together with Agata Langai ensemble he recorded an album Langai į.

For his virtuosity in Vilnius Jazz Young Power 2017 Užameckis was awarded prize for “Versatile Bass Vocabulary”.

Even though Ignas Kasikauskas started drumming only in his teens, he felt that this is his calling right away. He studied the drums at the Vilnius Conservatoire and also the LAMT. In addition, the drummer has taken part in master classes in Italy, Denmark and Finland.

Ignas is at home in a wide range of music – from pop to free jazz. He has collaborated with many a renowned jazz performer including Arkady Gotesman, Eugenijus Kanevičius, Tuo Razmumi and Arnas Mikalkėnas. He appeared in Vilnius Mama Jazz, Kaunas Jazz, Peronas Jazz, Saulkrasti Jazz Festival and Roma Summer Jazz Festival, toured in Italy, Germany, Slovakia, Austria, Russia and other countries.

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