36th Vilnius Jazz Festival. 12-16 October, 2022

L.Mockūnas - A.Bumšteinas „Voicescapes. Homage to MKČ“

L.Mockūnas - A.Bumšteinas „Voicescapes. Homage to MKČ“ (Lithuania):

Liudas Mockūnas – improvisation, reeds
Artūras Bumšteinas – composition, electronics

This project is a modern musical happening transpiring M.K. Čiurlionis’ harmonies of choral music, fragments of his Lithuanian folk song arrangements, timbres of choir voices and other authentic musical fabric. The music of the Lithuanian music classic is being recomposed and enhanced with live improvisations by composer Bumšteinas and multiinistrumentalist Mockūnas.

The musical material of Voicescapes is based on Čiurlionis’ choral music and recordings (M.K. Čiurlionis. Folk Songs for Choir. VSSECD006, 2000) of Jauna muzika choir (conductor Vaclovas Augustinas).

This project could be considered a sound and light fantasy on a theme of Čiurlionis’ oeuvre, an attempt to recreate the special aura intrinsic to his music and paintings.

The concert will be amplified by acoustic surround system. St Catherine Church’ exceptional space will allow an impressive light design. (Amplification and light design by Stage works LT)

Voicescapes was commissioned by Semplice label.

Artūras Bumšteinas is actively involved in contemporary music, interdisciplinary and sound art scene not only as an audio-visual artist, but also initiator of experimental, electro-acoustic, collective and improvised music projects. The composer’s musical territory spans from minimalist soundtracks based on telltale games and frequency manipulations to scrupulously and subtly built electro-acoustic compositions, in which sound bites of acoustic instruments are organically merged in the texture of electronic atmosphere, noise and rhythm.

“I like, when art is being formed from anything I see around. I appreciate simplicity and sincerity”, confessed Bumšteinas. “As the 19th-century composers described surrounding landscape, so do I in describing reality in which I live.”

In 2007, Bumšteinas graduated from the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre where he studied with Prof. O. Balakauskas. In 2006-2008, the composer participated in creative residences in Dusseldorf and Sylt Island (Germany), and Brösarp (Sweden), toured in Denmark, Norway and Sweden. In 2009, he was a lecturer at the Aldeburgh Young Musicians laboratory of contemporary music held in Snape (UK).

Bumšteinas has composed music for various instrumental ensembles and orchestras. Since 2000, he has been designing projects via internet, because members of his ensembles are scattered around the world.

Bumšteinas has collaborated with Anton Lukoszevieze, Ilia Belorukov, Piotr Kurek and many other celebrities of contemporary and improvised music. With his laptop quartet Twentytwentyone, ensembles Work and Days, Zarasai, Laukinė planeta and other performers he has appeared in Holland Festival (the Netherlands), Jauna muzika (Lithuania), Angelica (Italy), Sonic Circuits (USA), Skanumezs (Latvia), DPT Wigry (Poland), Brugge Concertgebouw (Belgium), etc.

In 2010, he was awarded the prize for the best electro-acoustic work (Five Songs) at the Composers’ Competition organized by the Lithuanian Composers’ Union.

As a visual artist he took part in more than 20 modern art exhibitions, and presented two personal exhibitions at the Antje Wachs Gallery in Berlin, Germany.

Liudas Mockūnas is one of the most creative representatives of the Lithuanian contemporary jazz and improvised music. Upon graduating from the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre (LAMT) and the Rhythmic Music Conservatory in Copenhagen, he took active stance on the scene of European improvised music.

The reed virtuoso and composer is a co-leader of various international collectives such as Pasborg-Mockunas Toxikum, electro-acoustic trio Red Planet and Lithuanian Saga Quartet, a member of Copenhagen Art Ensemble, Pasborg’s Odessa 5 and Vladimir Tarasov Trio. Last year he formed Nuclear trio, which combines jazz and free improvisation, as well as the aesthetics of hard rock and even punk.

The reed champion has taken part in programmes of Pierre Dorge and his New Jungle Orchestra, played as a duo with Marc Ducret and Ryoji Hojito, collaborated with Jacob Anderskov, Nils Davidsen, Vladimir Chekasin, Arkady Gotesman, Mats Eilertsen, Mark Solborg, Dietrich Eichmann and Jaak Sooaar. He has performed with Andrew Hill’s Jazz Par octet, Mikko Innanen Inkvisitio, Burry Guy, Mats Gustaffsson, Ibrahim Electric and trioVD.

Mockūnas is a prize winner of various competitions in Lithuania, Latvia and France; a recipient of Vilnius Jazz and Birštonas Jazz prizes for contribution to Lithuanian jazz.

In addition, he is famed not only as an exponent of improvised music and avant-garde jazz, but also as an expert of contemporary academic music. His repertoire includes works by academic music composers including Bronius Kutavičius, Anatolijus Šenderovas, Arvydas Malcys, Vyacheslav Ganelin, Dietrich Eichmann, Vykintas Baltakas and Giedrius Puskunigis.

The saxophonist has performed with contemporary music ensemble Gaida, the Lithuanian State and Lithuanian National symphony orchestras, as well as St. Christopher and Klaipėda chamber orchestras and Chordos String Quartet.

With various formations Mockūnas has toured in Europe, the USA and China.

In addition to his performing career, Mockūnas leads the LAMT Big Band. He regularly takes part in diverse international jazz projects.

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