36th Vilnius Jazz Festival. 12-16 October, 2022

Miyeon - Park Je Chun

Miyeon - Park Je Chun (South Korea):

Miyeon - p
Park Je Chun - perc

By introducing this duo the festival continues encounters with the experiments of improvisers from exotic countries.

Miyeon & Park Je Chun proposes a new vision of Korean music. The duo’s compositions combine elements of free improvisation, jazz, contemporary classical and Korean traditional music. Miyeon & Park Je Chun is a pioneer of such a creative synthesis in its country.

Miyeon and Park Je Chun studied not only classical and contemporary music, but also delved into the world of Korean traditional “Pansori”, “Samulnori” as well as shamanic music. Both musicians graduated from the private Joongang University in Seoul and embarked on their professional career in 1996.

The duo has performed since 1999. Jazz People magazine included its first album Queen & King (2005) in top 10 of the 21st-century Korean Jazz. Miyeon & Park Je Chun’s second album Dreams From The Ancestor (2008) was awarded the Best Crossover Album and the Best Instrumental Album in the Korean Music Awards. Last year the duo released yet another album – Saeng.

Both musicians have made several solo albums. They took part in projects and recorded music with a list of jazz coryphées including Mark Dresser, Simon Nabatov, Lauren Newton, Sainkho Namchylak, Jonas Hellborg, Wadada Leo Smith, Ned Rothenberg, Gerry Hemingway, Yoshihide Otomo, Umezu Kazutoki and Michel Pilz.

Patronized by Korean cultural institutions Miyeon and Park Je Chun have toured in Europe, gave concerts in Japan, China, Malaysia, Mongolia, Egypt, and Africa.

In addition, the duo teaches and takes part in social projects.

In the duo’s concerts Park Je Chun instantly claims the attention. Surrounded by exotic instruments, he sits on the floor – it comes naturally from the Korean culture. Park Je Chun’s percussion set includes Korean, Chinese, Western instruments as well as the ones made by the percussionist himself.

He is sometimes dubbed the second Han Daesoo, who is praised in Korea as the father of folk rock. Park Je Chun started his career in a rock group, later got fascinated with Korean rhythms and was the first in his native country to combine them with electronics. As a member of Mor-e Mori group Park Je Chun continued his experiments with traditional rhythms, classical music, jazz and rock.

The percussionist’s primary inspiration is saxophonist Kang Tae Hwan, the pioneer of Korean free jazz who stimulated his passion for improvisation.

Miyeon is not only sensuous and delicate pianist, but also has a great ability to compose and arrange.

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