36th Vilnius Jazz Festival. 12-16 October, 2022

Dominique Pifarély "Time Before And Time After"


Dominique Pifarély - vl

It is not by chance that this concert will take place in Rūdininkų knygynas (Rūdininkai bookshop). This bookshop is an official representative of ECM label in Lithuania. Pifarély has collaborated with ECM for more than two decades most often as a partner of Louis Sclavis, an illustrious French clarinettist and saxophonist.

The two musicians have worked together since 1985, and in 1992 formed the Sclavis/Pifarély Acoustic Quartet, featuring guitarist Marc Ducret, a contemporary jazz guru, and bassist Bruno Chevillon.

Pifarély’s discography includes more credits under ECM: three CDs with Louis Sclavis (Rouge, Les Violences de Rameau and Dans le Nuit), two with Stefano Battaglia (Raccolto and Re: Pasolini) and one as a duo with pianist François Couturier (Poros).

After ten-year break the violinist returned to ECM with his outstanding solo recital, which features complete improvisations with the exception of a free interpretation of Victor Young’s jazz standard My Foolish Heart.

“I usually like to include a standard in my solo performances, also to assert the autonomy of the violin. Conventionally in jazz we violinists are supposed to need a piano or guitar or a double bass, something to support the harmonies. And of course, Bach told us a long time ago that we really don’t”, joked the violinist.

One feels the solo violin history in his playing, but for the virtuoso it is not a weight. “It’s a musical richness, which I try not to forget.”

In his early career Pifarély was in demand as a straight jazz player, but soon began playing progressive forms of the music in Mike Westbrook’s band and the Vienna Art Orchestra. In the 1980s he began leading his own bands.

Inclusion of spoken texts in music projects is one of Pifarély’s idiomatic features. The violinist has collaborated with French writer François Bon, actors Violaine Schwartz and Pierre Baux. He employed poetry in programs with pianist François Couturier and countertenor Dominique Visse.

“I’m a big reader of poetry”, confessed Pifarély. The violinist’s latest album Time Before And Time After borrows its generic title from TS Eliot’s poem, and the individual tracks are also named for poets and poetry. He admitted, that his idea was that the album could resemble a collection of poems.

Recently, Pifarély has been focusing on solo playing. He calls it a personal workshop, for then he works on and develops his improvisational language – the grammar, the style and the shape of the music. He allows himself to think only ten or twenty seconds before a performance of how he will begin an improvised set, to keep the edge of discovery in the music. His solo projects are as spontaneous as he can make it. And these revelations are fuelled by the audience.

Pifarély’s music is often mercurial. In his mature style, the classical violin tradition and the swing lessons combine with a contemporary European sonic exploration. His technical mastery and quick imagination allow him to move seamlessly between these worlds.

The artist calls the violin a small orchestra, which requires attention to every detail.

Pifarély has collaborated with a host of jazz luminaries including Aki Takase, Craig Taborn, Stéphane Grappelli, Tim Berne, Carlos Zingaro, Michel Portal, François Corneloup, Wolfgang Reisinger, François Raulin, Joachim Kühn, Gérard Marais and Stefano Battaglia.

Of late, the violin has worked with his mutant big band Dédales and collaborated in duet with Michele Rabbia. He performs throughout Europe, the USA, Canada, Japan, India, Middle East, Latin America and Africa.

In addition to Lithuanian appearance, the presentations of the violinist’s new solo album will take place in Estonia, Latvia and Finland. 

Išankstinė registracija į koncertą – būtina. Registruotis galima laiškais (info@rudninkuknygynas.lt) arba telefonu (+370 5 2610266).

Bilieto kaina – 14,99 €.

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