36th Vilnius Jazz Festival. 12-16 October, 2022

Greta Skaraitienė - Vygintas Skaraitis: “Stuck in Jazz”


Greta Skaraitienė - fotografija
Vygintas Skaraitis - fotografija

Photo exhibition “Stuck in Jazz”

This year the festival welcomes visitors with an exhibition by the photography duo Greta and Vygintas Skaraitis. Here’s how the artists present it and themselves:

“We have been into jazz photography for a long time. Back in 1991, we used to go to jazz concerts at the Vilnius Teachers’ House, where Vygintas used to photograph jazzmen. We both became friends with the Vilnius Jazz festival in 2015. We were captivated by the charisma and professionalism of the musicians. That’s why we wanted to translate the emotions of the stage into photographs.

Vilnius Jazz loves not only the musicians but also the photographers. The front row of the hall is always reserved for those who capture the moments. Thus, how can you not create, photograph and share photos?

So many of them have accumulated that some of them have been transferred from virtual reality to matter. Last year, Greta presented an exhibition of jazz photographs at the Vilnius Jazz festival, “Vilnius Jazz Portraits”. Over the years, the exhibition has expanded with new photographs and has been given a new name – “Layers of Jazz”. It has been traveling through the cities of Lithuania.

This year, we decided to present our joint photography exhibition “Stuck in Jazz”. We are all stuck in jazz – photographers, musicians, listeners, organisers. This unity brings us all together and encourages us photographers to create musical stories in pictures.

The works on display showcase moments from the 2019–2022 concerts, including shots from the Vilnius Jazz Young Power competition for young jazz artists. This competition is a very important part of the festival and we felt it should be captured in the exhibition.

Loyal fans of the festival will recognise the musicians who performed at the Vilnius Old Theatre in the photographs, revisit their performances and feel the emotions of their music again, only now in photographs.”

Greta and Vygintas


Greta and Vygintas Skaraitis both enrolled in 1990 to study photography at the then Vilnius Higher School of Technology.

Vygintas has been active as photojournalists since 1986 and Greta since 1993. Their photographs are regularly published in the most important Lithuanian media channels.

Since 2005, G.Skaraitienė’s work has been selected for the Lithuanian Press Photo finalists’ exhibitions every year. In 2022, her work became the winner of the “Lithuanian Press Photo 2022” in the “Entertainment” category and won the “Golden Frame” award.

She has held solo exhibitions “Bellies”, “100 Portraits of Real People”, “Sweet Moment”, “Portraits of Vilnius Jazz”, “Layers of Jazz”, “Our Tiny Lives”.

V.Skaraitis’ works have been nominated several times in the Lithuanian Press Photo contest and selected for the finalists’ exhibitions.

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Greta Skaraitienė - Vygintas Skaraitis: “Stuck in Jazz”


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