34th Vilnius Jazz Festival. 14-17 October, 2021



Tuomas J. Räsänen – dr, leader
Nikita Kiriuchinas – synth
Kazimieras Krulikovskis – keyb
Vainius Indriūnas – b

This quartet has been active for two and a half years. It made its debut in 2019 in the Garažas (Garage) group competition organized by Tamsta Club and in the same year became the winner of the Novus’19 competition for young groups at the Loftas Art Factory. Last year, the quartet won the Grand Prix at the Vilnius Jazz Young Power competition, which became a springboard for new experiences and inspired ambitious creative experiments.

JUZT represents the aesthetics of jazztronica and synth-jazz, which is rarely heard in Lithuania. The quartet’s aggressive, fast-paced, future-oriented music is reminiscent of the video games. JUZT’s debut album was released last spring. Persistently moving forward, the guys create a new sound on the Lithuanian alternative music scene.

JUZT members also play in other ensembles and are active in Lithuania’s jazz life.

Tuomas J. Räsänen is a sought-after drummer, a student at Berklee College of Music in Boston, USA. He won first prizes in both Tamsta Drum Day and Baltic Drummers League competitions and was recognized as the best instrumentalist in last year’s VJYP competition.

In addition to JUZT, the drummer plays in Avis Rara and KZK on TV. With various formations he has participated in jazz festivals in Kaunas, Klaipėda, Elektrėnai, Ariogala, RUMSHK’20 in Šiauliai, Loftas Fest, Saulkrasti Jazz (Latvia) and Beantown Jazz (USA).

Nikita Kiriuchinas studies at the Jazz Department of the LAMT. Currently, the musician is most interested in synthesizers, but he also plays drums, bass guitar, keyboards and several wind instruments. In addition to JUZT, he works with KZK on TV, SynthEtika, and the LAMT Big Band, also composes and arranges music.

Keyboardist Kazimieras Krulikovskis currently studies at the Vilnius University of Applied Sciences, works for Sonoros Vilnius city choir and Ugnelė children choir. In addition, he plays in the John’s Shower Band, KZK on TV and Castor Stetson; arranges music.

Bassist Vainius Indriūnas studies at the Faculty of Arts and Creative Technologies of the Vilnius University of Applied Sciences. In 2019, he appeared in the VJYP competition with the VR Quartet and was recognized as the best instrumentalist. He also won first and second prizes in the Novus’ 19 competition with JUZT and John’s Shower Band; was recognized as the best in the bass guitar category in Gitarų šėlsmas (Guitar Frenzy) competition.

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