35th Vilnius Jazz Festival. 13-16 October, 2022



Manuel Hermia – sax
Valentin Ceccaldi – cello
Sylvain Darrifourcq – dr

Saxophone, cello, drums and music of the extremes. This French trio defends the idea of music without borders, being nourished of all musics, and plays uncompromising jazz, which is appreciated by everyone.

Saxophonist, improviser and composer Manuel Hermia feels at home in both jazz and world music. In addition to his saxophone and jazz studies at the conservatoire, he has developed a mastery of the bansuri – Indian flute. Besides, he has extended his knowledge of Indian and Arab music. He has developed his own melodic-harmonic system called “rajazz”, thus making a bridge between jazz and ragas.

The musician works with his trio, which involves double bassist Manolo Cabras and drummer Joao Lobo, as well as plays in ethnic fusion band “Slang”, Majid Bekkas’ Afro-Oriental trio, appears as a bansuri soloist.

Hermia has collaborated with many European jazzmen such as Eric Vermeulen, Jean-Louis Rassinfosse, Bruno Castellucci, Sam Gertsmans, Jean-Paul Estévienart, LievenVenken, Salvatore La Rocca and Sylvain Romano. He also teamed up with African, Indian, Chinese and Turkish musicians.

Cellist Valentin Ceccaldi is also active in a range of genres from experimental jazz to classical orchestras. His followers admire his rough bow and delicate pizzicati.

The musician leads his trio, collaborates with Darrifourcq’s “In Love With” and “MilesDavisQuintet!”, Dominique Pifarely Septet and Luis Lopes’ “Guillotine” among other formations.

Recently, he has worked with Orchestre du Tricot and André Robillard on “Atomic Spoutnik” show, also composed music for Shakespeare’s Tempest, directed by Thierry Roisin.

The cellist had chance to work with many celebrated musicians including Joëlle Léandre, Jim Black, Leila Martial, Mark Feldman, Sylvie Courvoisier, Kevin Shea, Louis Sclavis, Josef Nadj, Olivier Benoit, Akosh S., Samuel Blaser and Johnny Clegg.

Drummer, improviser and composer Sylvain Darrifourcq studied classical percussion, then he switched to drums and delved into rock, jazz and improvised music. Having created personal musical language, he has become a musician in high demand.

His search for idiosyncratic vocabulary has prompted his collaboration with choreographers, dancers, video-makers and set designers. For over 10 years he drummed in Emile Parisien Quartet, with which he captured Victoire du Jazz in 2009.

Currently, he focuses on his own groups “In Love With”, “MilesDavisQuitet!” and “Tendimite”, also collaborates with composer Guillaume Hermen.

The drummer sided many brilliant improvisers including Joëlle Léandre, Tony Malaby, Michel Portal, Louis Sclavis, Marc Ducret, Andrea Parkins, Aksoh S and Kit Downes.

His musical encounters inspired him to create his own festival with the singer and bass player Elise Dabrowski – DA festival.  

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