36th Vilnius Jazz Festival. 12-16 October, 2022

De Beren Gieren


Fulco Ottervanger - p

Lieven Van Pee - db

Simon Segers – dr

The Trio was formed in 2009 and already has earned several prizes and recognition as one of the most individual groups in Europe. They bring a blend of polyrhythmic soundscapes, unexpected musical turns and sudden change of mood spiced by spontaneity. Improvisation is the Trio’s main mode of expression.

De Beren Gieren is just making its first international undertakings, which began in 2014 with its second album The Detour Fish, a recording of the concert in Ljubljana with Portuguese trumpeter Susana Santos Silva.

The Trio has collaborated with internationally renowned musicians such as Marc Ribot, Joachim Badenhorst, Louis Sclavis, Jean-Yves Evrard, Jan Klare and Ernst Rijeseger, played at major festivals including Trondheim Jazzfest, Ljubljana Jazz, Jazz Middelheim and North Sea Jazz, toured in Italy.

Recently De Beren Gieren travelled Europe with their third CD Once Mirrors Many (2015) featuring self-made electronics. The album was voted one of the most influential albums of the year.

Dutch multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, composer and improviser Fulco Ottervanger is a one-man orchestra. As a child, he studied cello and taught himself to play piano, guitar, bass guitar and drums.

He later studied jazz piano and classical composition at the Ghent Conservatory of Music in Belgium. A talented composer he has pursued composition from his early age. His compositions constitute the core of De Beren Gieren’s repertoire.

Ottervanger is known for multi‑genre musical creations that run the gamut from experimental to popular. He is the frontman of the krautpop band Stadt and rock group Marvelas Something, the singer of the metal group ShtGn, a member of and composer for Nathan Daems Quintet, and a member of BeraadGeslagen (a duo with drummer Lander Gyselinck). Moreover, he has contributed to theatre, dance and spoken word projects.

Belgian double bassist Lieven Van Pee is also a man of wide horizons. In addition to De Beren Gieren, he works with Moker, Collapse and other groups.

Prior to his studies at the Ghent Conservatory of Music, Belgian drummer Simon Segers has played in various groups with his brother guitarist. Lately, he has concentrated on rock and jazz projects, earning recognition among other rockers and jazzmen. Like Ottervanger, Segers is a member of Stadt, ShtGn and Nathan Daems Quintet. In addition, the drummer plays in Andy Declerck Trio and Black Flower.  

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