36th Vilnius Jazz Festival. 12-16 October, 2022

Maxime Bender Quartet


Maxime Bender - sax
Simon Seidl - p
Oliver Lutz - db
Silvio Morger - dr

The musicians have met while studying in Germany. Having given their career a headlong start marked by major prizes, today the stage partners work not only in this collective but also many other projects touring throughout Europe.

Bender’s ensemble enjoys success. Its latest album Follow the Eye received critical accolades. Before that the group recorded with American saxophonist and composer David Binney. In a few days Path of Decisions, its newest album, will be released.

The musicians concur that spontaneity is the main quality of the Quartet. Their compositions are full of flow of creative energy, naturalness, are even though being complex make easy listening. “It is a contemporary jazz in its best shape”, claim critics.

The Quartet’s secret lies in musicians’ curiosity and openness to new experience. For example, Maxime Bender likes spontaneous expression, but at the same time wants to try his hand as a leader of and composer for big band. He formed an orchestra in writing for which he toys with instrumental colours and various music styles.

The saxophonist confesses that he grew up with rock and pop music, but also likes listening to academic music. All of that influences his music. However, Maxime admits that his biggest inspirer is saxophonist Joshua Redman, other idols being Lester Young, Coleman Hawkins, Charlie Parker and Joe Lovano.

Maxime Bender does not separate from saxophone since he was six. He is dedicated to his profession. The saxophonist studied jazz in Brussels, Strasbourg, Luxembourg and Cologne, earned many awards in youth competitions including Tremplin Jazz in Avignon (France) and European Jazzprice in Burghausen (Germany).

He appeared in festivals and jazz clubs in Luxembourg, Germany, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, USA, Austria, United Kingdom, Greece, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland, performed his compositions in academic music venues such as Mozarteum in Salzburg and Luxembourg Philharmonic Hall.

German pianist, winner of international competitions Simon Seidl works with more than ten various formations in Germany, leads his own trio.

The pianist graduated from Cologne Music and Dance Conservatoire and Munich Conservatoire, was a member of the State Youth Jazz Orchestra of Bavaria. With numerous ensembles he toured in Canada, France, Switzerland, Italy, Austria, the Netherlands, Kosovo, etc.

Educated in Manheim and Cologne, German double bassist Oliver Lutz also collects awards. In 2009, he received German-Youth-Jazz Award Jugend Jazzt, and in 2011 – Convento Jazz Award.

His work as a freelancing bass player brought him to several famous festivals like Copenhagen Jazz Festival, Montreaux Jazz Festival and Jazz á Vienne.

While still studying at the Universities of Mainz and Cologne, Swiss drummer Silvio Morger was a permanent member of the youth jazz orchestras in Germany. As a promising musician he received a grant from the German Academic Exchange Service to study at The Queens College in New York.

He has won several competitions in Germany, received Best Soloist Award in Tremplin Jazz competition in Avignon. Last year Silvio Morger was awarded Prize of the City of Hilden (Germany).

The drummer’s concert geography spans from the Ukraine to Venezuela. His discography amounts to 12 albums. He has collaborated with Dee Dee Bridgewater, David Binney, Bob Mintzer, Nils Wogram, Oliver Leicht and many other jazz celebrities. 

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