36th Vilnius Jazz Festival. 12-16 October, 2022

Brussels Jazz Orchestra "Graphicology"

Brussels Jazz Orchestra "Graphicology" (Belgium):

Frank VAGANEE – as, ss, fl
Bruno VANSINA – as, ss, cl, fl
Kurt VAN HERCK – ts, ss, cl, fl
Bart DEFOORT – ts, ss, cl
Bo VAN DER WERF – bs, bcl
Frederik HEIRMAN – tb
Lode MERTENS – tb
Laurent HENDRICK – basstb, basstuba
Serge PLUME – tp, flgh
Jo HERMANS – tp, flgh
Pierre DREVET – tp, flgh
Jeroen VAN MALDEREN – tp, flgh
Nathalie LORIERS – p
Jos MACHTEL – db

This project brings together big band jazz and graphic novel. Graphic novelist Philip Paquet — a noted jazz lover — selected some existing stories and thought up two new ones. Six composers wrote an accompanying soundtrack. The result is a 'visual jazz score': the stories have been edited into original videos projected on a large screen, while the Brussels Jazz Orchestra performs live the soundtrack to the images. A ground-breaking experience for jazz lovers and a surprising introduction to jazz for lovers of graphic novels!

Philippe Paquet (born 1973, Antwerp) scores his graphic novels around the world. His album "Louis Armstrong" is known as far as Singapore. Jazz plays an important role in the life and work of Paquet, having devoted no less than four albums to jazz. The Brussels Jazz Orchestra commissioned six composers to write soundtracks for six graphic novels by the artist Philip Paquet.

For Graphicology, Philip Paquet selected four existing stories and created two new ones. The Brussels Jazz Orchestra and the artist himself have roles in one of these. This novel constitutes the narrative thread to the show and tells the story of Graphicology.

The result of the collaboration between artist and big band can be described as a 'visual jazz score'. The stories are edited into six original videos and projected onto a large screen, with the Brussels Jazz Orchestra performing the live soundtrack.

Graphicology is a groundbreaking combination of visual arts and music, where graphic novel meets live jazz, demonstrating the strength in the merging of these two artforms. Each brings out the best in the other - a match made in heaven.

The Brussels Jazz orchestra (BJO) is not the kind of jazz orchestra that sticks to standards. It prefers to achieve the highest level by composing original music, creating unique arrangements and playing inventively as well as passionately.

In fact, it really is jazz with a dynamic orchestral sound, with a classic strength in which each musician is also a brilliant soloist. Call it an ‘orchestrated passion for jazz’ that incites BJO to create world-class music.

Who comes to play with BJO depends on the project. In addition to BJO’s own productions, the orchestra works with well known musicians from all over the world. In that way, BJO has established a reputation at home and on relevant jazz stages abroad as Jazz Middelheim (Antwerp – BEL), Flagey (Brussels – BEL), Jazz at Lincoln Center (NYC-US), Muziekgebouw aan het Ij (Amsterdam – NL), Concertgebouw (Amsterdam – NL), Jazz à Vienne (FR), Paris Jazz Festival (FR), Guimaraes Jazz Festival (PT) and many others.

The Brussels Jazz Orchestra was founded in 1993 by artistic director Frank Vaganée, Serge Plume and Marc Godfroid. Since 1999 the Brussels Jazz Orchestra is recognised and subsidised by the Flemish Government. Brussels Jazz Orchestra is orchestra in residence at Flagey (Brussels).

BJO collaborated with Philip Catherine, Bert Joris, deFilharmonie, Tutu Puoane, Brussels Philharmonic, David Linx, ’t Arsenaal and Richard Galliano in its own productions.
BJO performed with Maria Schneider (US), Kenny Werner (US), Dave Liebman (US), Dave Douglas (US), Gianluigi Trovesi (IT), McCoy Tyner (US), Maria Joao (Portugal), Kenny Wheeler (GB), Lee Konitz (US), Toots Thielemans, and others.

The recordings of the orchestra are internationally acclaimed and awarded. In February 2012 BJO indirectly won an Oscar for its performance on the soundtrack of silent movie The Artist. In 2013 the orchestra will be celabrating its 20th anniversary.

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