35th Vilnius Jazz Festival. 13-16 October, 2022

Sylvain Kassap Trio

Sylvain Kassap Trio (France):

Sylvain Kassap – cls
Theo Girard – db
Eric Groleau – dr

Every performance featuring these curious, resourceful and adventurous musicians is second to none.

Sylvain Kassap would be able to disarm audiences without the help of his partners. On stage the virtuoso can swap instruments adroitly, blow two clarinets simultaneously, sing and act, be witty and melancholic, pensive and wild.

The performer, composer and arranger S. Kassap embarked on his musical career more than 30 years ago. During this time he has collaborated with Sam Rivers, Louis Sclavis, Han Bennink, Steve Lacy, Dominique Pifarély, Michel Portal, Andre Jaume, Francois Tusques, Guenter Sommer, Anthony Ortega and Gianluigi Trovesi among other celebrated musicians.

He appears in duos with Evan Parker, Francois Rosse, and Jacques Mahieux, plays in Helen Breschand Trio and Los Incontrolados. He has formed Quartet, Sextet, Octet and Tentet. In addition to jazz and improvised music S. Kassap is highly acclaimed as a performer of contemporary academic music by such names as Luciano Berio, John Cage, Franco Donatoni, Mauricio Kagel, Toru Takemitsu and Edgard Varese.

S. Kassap has composed music for film, as well as TV, theatre and dance projects. He has written works for Marcel Azzola, Francois Thuillier, Jean-Pierre Baraglioli, Ars Nova, Alternance, Laborintus, and Eutepe.

Théo Girard started playing piano at the age of six. When he was sixteen he got interested in double bass, which he studied with Olivier Sens. Later the double-bassist honed his skills with such jazz celebrities as Hein Vand de Gey, Miroslav Vitous, Mark Dresser, Greg Osby and Dave Douglas.

T. Girard plays not only contemporary jazz, but also French repertoire. He has collaborated with Rodolphe Raffalli, Jean-Philippe Watremez, Serge Krieff, and David Reinhardt.

Eric Groleau got fascinated with drums in his childhood. At the age fourteen he started drumming in various orchestras, collaborating with jazz, rock and folk groups.

The musician studied classical percussion. He was able to gather a huge technical arsenal, which grew richer as did his performing experience. The drummer collaborated with very different musicians including Dominique Pifarély, Louis Sclavis, Tim Berne, Marc Ducret, Ibrahim Maalouf, Eric Lohrer, Jean-Luc Ponthieux, Claude Barthelemy, and Francois Corneloup.

In 2001, E. Groleau formed Quintet, which also involves Sylvain Kassap, Dominique Pifarély, Eric Brochard and Jean-Jacques Decreux.
Venturesome as he is E. Groleau enriches his musical vocabulary working with actors, as well as musicians active in electronic, pop and world music fields. Currently, he plays in seven untraditional formations – from duos to nonets, including Dominique Pifarély Trio and Dédales, Claude Barthélemy trio vintage, nonet Nine-Heads, duo with electronic music advocate Thierry Balasse Touch.


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