36th Vilnius Jazz Festival. 12-16 October, 2022

K.Vaiginis - D.Pashkevich "Theory Garden"

K.Vaiginis - D.Pashkevich "Theory Garden" (Lithuania-Latvia-Italy-Indonesia):

Kestutis Vaiginis - saxes
Deniss Paskevich - saxes, bass cl.
Fulvio Buccafusco - db
Elfa Zulham - dr
Madars Kalninsh - keyboards, p

Kęstutis Vaiginis and Deniss Paskevich developed the idea for this project last year in Saulkrasti Jazz (Latvia). The saxophonists were joined by their partners from their previous projects. In Vilnius Jazz the quintet presents a debut programme comprising new compositions by Kęstutis Vaiginis.

Kęstutis Vaiginis is one of the most creative and active Lithuanian saxophonists and jazz exponents of younger generation. He graduated from the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre where he studied with Petras Vyšniauskas and honed his skills in North Netherlands Conservatoire, Amsterdam College of Music (the Netherlands) and Manhattan Jazz School (New York). He is a winner of various national and international competitions.

Lithuanian audience knows Kęstutis Vaiginis as an initiator and leader of diverse international projects. The list of his stage partners includes Barbara Dennerlein, Daniel Messina, Herman Romero, David Berkman, Randal Corsen, Bilal Karmaran, Burak Bedikyan, Herbie Kopf, Joonas Haavisto and Lithuanians Dainius Pulauskas, Eugenijus Kanevičius and Darius Rudis. In 2008, Kęstutis formed youth big band Independent Artists Ensemble in Lithuania.

Kęstutis Vaiginis is a regular participant of Kaunas Jazz, Vilnius Jazz, Birštonas and Nida jazz festivals. He also has appeared in contemporary music festival Gaida, The Great Parade of Musicians, on a stage of the Lithuanian National Philharmonic Society, performed his own music not only at home, but also in the Netherlands, Spain, France, the USA and Turkey.

The saxophonist has recorded two albums – Gipsy Nature and Unexpected Choices. The latter was recorded with acclaimed musicians from New York. Kęstutis Vaiginis’ music was included into Lithuanian Note, the highlights of Lithuanian jazz.

Deniss Paskevich is one of the busiest Latvian musicians. Not only a virtuoso reed player, he is also producer of jazz and TV shows, publisher and organiser of educational projects.

In 2008, his group Riga Groove Electro appeared in Birštonas Jazz festival, where he led a concert of Balticness, a gigantic project embracing 11 countries from Baltic region. That was a perfect reflection of the scope of his activities.

Deniss Paskevich has collaborated with a number of celebrated musicians from Baltic and Scandinavian countries, the USA, UK, Japan, Italy, Germany and Russia such as Brian Melvin, Rio Kawasaky, David Lyttle, Ben Dowling, Ted Curson, Karl Martin Almqvist, Villu Veski, Jukka Eskola, David Goloshchekin, Vyacheslav Ganelin and David Kikoski to name a few.

Deniss Paskevich has appeared in major Baltic and Scandinavian jazz festivals, as well as in Poland, Germany and Israel. He is the artistic director of Riga Jazz club Sunny Terrace , owner of a private jazz school, founder of a concert agency and jazz music record company ZePirats.

Madars Kalninsh works in majority of Deniss Paskevich’s projects, including Riga Groove Electro as well as Mirage Jazz Orchestra, an assembly of leading Latvian musicians. The keyboardist is acclaimed as a composer, arranger and group leader.

Fulvio Buccafusco started as a self-taught pianist, later studied bass guitar and jazz. The bassist graduated from V. Bellini Conservatoire in Palermo and earned Bachelor’s Degree from the North Netherland Conservatoire in Groningen. He studied double bass with Niels Hening Oersted Pedersen in Denmark.

The bassist plays not only jazz, but also pop music, appears in chamber formations and orchestras, and takes part in theatre projects. Fulvio Buccafusco’s discography amounts to ten CDs recorded with various collectives.

Elfa Zulham was born and grew up in Indonesia. Presently, he resides in the Netherlands and performs around the world. He studied jazz and contemporary music at the Insitut Musik Daya Indonesia, later moved to the North Netherlands Conservatoire in Groningen.

In the Netherlands Elfa Zulham has collaborated with quite a few musicians from New York including David Berkman, Freddie Bryant, Don Braden, Mark Gross, Kurt Weiss, Dena DeRose and Bryan Lynch.

The drummer performed in the USA, Italy, Germany, Spain, Romania, Czech Republic, Denmark, Baltic States and Indonesia. He is a member of Tomorrow People Ensemble, The Berti3a Organ Trio and Re-bop Unit. Recently, he has been devoting most of his time to his quartet and composing.

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