36th Vilnius Jazz Festival. 12-16 October, 2022
Farmyard Animals Trio (UK):

Pete Flood - drums;
Alex Kidston - tuba;
Brendan Kelly - saxophones.

Farmyard Animals Trio represents exceptionally rich and colourful UKs jazz scene, featuring young generation in search of new forms of improvised music.

This unconventional trio is one of the most intrepid alternative jazz groups in the United Kingdom. Encapsulating the best of contemporary jazz and experimental music, the young, witty, daring and creative musicians present an intriguing and roguish mixture of world jazz, wild improvisations and gentle pastoral sonorities in their original compositions infused with the elements of Arabic, Balkan, Catalan and American cultures. And all of that done resourcefully, wittily, and with British humour. Their music not only stirs the soul and “switches on” smile, but also moves the feet.

Formed five years ago, Farmyard Animals Trio likes performing in unconventional spaces and organising unexpected projects. The musicians maintain that their music is inspired by different cultures encountered on their travels. In 2002, Farmyard Animals Trio began their travels by visiting Istanbul, performing impromptu gigs in Kadikoy, and then touring throughout the United Kingdom. The members of the trio join other groups including folk Big Band Bellowhead or Setsubun Bean Unit, an experimental ensemble combining oriental and western methods, Japanese folk and ceremonial music and avant-garde elements. Formation of this group was inspired by the trio’s acquaintance with Japanese culture and collaboration with Japanese musicians and dancers.

Saxophonist Brendan Kelly, an expert on soprano and tenor saxophones as well as bass clarinet, like his two colleagues also plays in folk Big Band Bellowhead. In addition, he composes for Farmyard Animals Trio.

Tuba player Alex Kidston, having replaced the group’s original member Gideon Juckes in this tour, has earned recognition on new academic music scene. Since his settling in the UK (resides and works in London), the exceptionally flexible tuba player has collaborated with leading orchestras such as London Symphony Orchestra, London Philharmonic Orchestra, Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, English National Symphony Orchestra, and Toronto Symphony Orchestra, among others. He performs solo as well.

Alex Kidston is equally at ease in jazz duo, wind quartet or ensemble, and symphony orchestra. He is a prolific arranger and concert manager. He plays in a duo with saxophonist Sarah Field, also in Trillium wind quintet (co-founded with Sarah Field), arranges for it.

Drummer Pete Flood is one of the outstanding jazzmen in the UK. He is much in demand in jazz, rock, folk and experimental formations. His artistic interests range from Arabic music to drum’n’bass; his musical equipment often includes various percussion instruments as well as toys, kitchen utensils, objects of nature.

Resourceful drummer and unpredictable improviser works with his own free jazz ensemble The Very Tiny Little Kids; has released several personal CD’s under pseudonym of Manopoderosa; has participated in Luke Sutherland’s project Bows; has performed with Austrian folk group Blaubauer; plays in folk ensemble Bellowhead, collaborates with Tim van Eyken, plays in a duo The Treecreepers with trumpeter Ian R. Watson, etc. 

Remarkable drummer and percussionist is also a composer, contributing for Farmyard Animals Trio. In addition, he teaches percussion at the Kingston University and privately, is involved in various artistic fields – was an artistic director of staged production of I. Stravinsky’s Soldier’s Tale; collaborates with butoh dancer Ken Mei; has participated in visual theatre, installation and performance group Fevered Sleep project Feast Your Eyes, where he made music on percussion battery made from kitchen utensils.

© Jūratė Kučinskaitė

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