36th Vilnius Jazz Festival. 12-16 October, 2022
Vilnius Jazz'2006

Trigon (Moldova):

Anatol Stefanet  - viola, vocals
Vali Bogheanu – saxophone, trumpet, kaval, flute, vocals
Dorel Burlacu – keyboards
Gari Tverdohleb – drums, percussion, xylophone

"It was just great! If you want to speak about the music they played, you have to be as good as them, as unusual as they were. And I think it is useless to try to match them in originality – it would be rather difficult. It would be better to make the effort to try to understand and to evaluate the astonishing depth of what they are doing. Every one of them is a brilliant professional, a virtuoso. Besides this, they offered us warm, astonishing and vivid world in which we felt extremely good", said Anatol Kroll after Trigon’s performance in 1998.

In its unique and original music Trigon mixes together expression means of Moldavian, Romanian and Bulgarian folklore, jazz, rock and academic music as well as chamber music tradition. Enriched with theatrical elements, wit and resourcefulness, expressiveness and extraordinary mastery this fusion becomes a unique, sparkling, fiery and inspiring cocktail named Trigon.

Formed in 1992, in Kishinev, Moldova, on initiative of Mikhail Alperin, Trigon started as an art-jazz-folk trio. The group made its debut at the Kishinev Jazz Festival in 1993, and in the following year released its first album The Moldovan Wedding in Jazz (on Silex, France), which was awarded Grand Prix du Disque of the Charles CrosAcademy (France) in 1996.

Since its first album, the group has become an emissary of Moldavian culture – Trigon can easier be heard abroad than at home; its albums usually are being released outside Moldova – Oglinda recoded in Norway, released in Germany (1998, Jaro), Free Gone in Russia (2000, Boheme Music), The Voice of My Earth in Romania (2001, Green Records).

Trigon has earned international recognition in jazz festivals in the Ukraine, France, Spain, Bulgaria, Romania, Norway, Germany, the Netherlands; the group has collaborated with jazz grands like Dave Holland, Jean Luc Ponty and the group’s godfather Mikhail Alperin. Trigon’s members took part in Black Sea 1998 project. In addition to intensive performing career, Trigon’s members teach, give master classes (at the Norway Music Academy among other), were actively involved in composing music for theatre shows; their compositions were recorded in Moldavian, Russian, Bulgarian, Romanian and French radio and TV.

At the Birđtonas Jazz 1998 the Lithuanian audience also had an opportunity to indulge in Trigon’s (trio at the time) charm, humour, expression and professionalism. Even though since then the group underwent several line-up changes, its artistic attitude remained the same. Today Trigon’s preferences lean towards jazz, free improvisation and contemporary academic music rather than pure folklore.

The group’s leader, composer, arranger and viola virtuoso Anatol Stefanet has played in the group since its conception. He started training his skills while still a child playing in village weddings together with his father, later in folk instrument orchestras. As a member of celebrated folk group Leutari he toured around the world. After graduating from Moldavian Conservatoire, in 1992 Anatol Stefanet formed Trigon and at the same time embarked on his solo career. The violist recorded 3 albums in France including Anatol Stefanet – Bratsch solo (1998), which collected two CHOCK awards. This album was included into CD collection of 8 musicians, which was awarded Grand Prix du Disque of the Charles CrosAcademy (France). As a soloist he took part in the International Viola Congress in New Zealand.

Being inclined to experimentation, the violist and vocalist also leads Moldavian folk instrument ensemble. He has played in Black Sea Orchestra and international Berlin Experimenty Orchestra. Since 2002, he has served as an artistic director of Ethnojazz festival.

Vali Boghean,a brilliant wind player multiinstrumentalist – saxophonist, cornettist, accomplished performer on various folk instruments and exceptional vocalist, adds a new colour to Trigon’s palette. As a vocalist he earned Grand Prix at the Nicolae Sulac National Folk Song Competition. He was successful in international competitions in Moldova and Romania (Galbena Gutuie, Lautarii Moldovei, Maria Dragan, Malurile Dunarii, Maria Tanase ). Van Boghean is heard on Ana Barbu’s album On the Wings of Love.

Keyboardist Dorel Burlacu provides a solid foundation to his colleagues’ solo improvisations. After graduating from the Music Academy in 1993, where he studied jazz piano and composition, he started his professional career playing in groups like Cuibul, The Snails, Select-X and UNIVOX, in 1997 – 1999 led Polish jazz group CORONA, took part in project Silver Age. Dorel Burlacu is one of the founders of Afro-Cuban music project Baila conmigo and funky.md. The pianist also performs solo, has recorded personal CD 25th Frame, collaborated with Hans-Gunther Adam and Stevie Woods. Dorel Burlacu is also admired as a performer on chromatic harmonica.

The group’s drummer Gari Tverdohleb, a disciple of Oleg Balataga – Trigon’s initial drummer,is a versatile percussionist. Graduate of Moldavian Art Academy he has appeared in a number of jazz and rock projects.

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