36th Vilnius Jazz Festival. 12-16 October, 2022
Ninsk Vilnius Jazz'2004
Ninsk (The Netherlands):

Edwin Wieringa - bass
Lothar Ohlmeier - tenor/soprano sax
Damien Cluzel - electric guitar
Nout Ingen Housz - drums
Kai Wolff - electronics/samplers

This international company learned each other during their studies at the
conservatoire in Hilversum (The The Netherlands).

The music of Ninsk is especially characterized by a flexible exploration of different styles.

With the group's instrumentation, a quartet and samplers, Edwin Wieringa created numerous possibilities for colouring his compositions within a tight ensemble sound.

By using samplers, the music of Ninsk is enriched by an extra layer, which adds a cineastic dimension to the group's performance. They mix improvised music with soundscapes of electronics.

Ninsk won the first prize at the Middelsea jazz competition in '92. They have made several tours throughout Europe. Their second album 'Letters & signs' shows the group from a different angle.


"... An acquisition for the Dutch jazz scene..."

"...On their new CD Letters & Signs Ninsk explores again the borderline between jazz, blues, country and rock.Composer and bandleader Edwin Wieringa turned his attention to the separate parts of the music, through which every song becomes a collective reconnoitring experience of numberous by-paths through an always interresting but never dominant melody-line..."
Edo Dijksterhuisen / NRC

"... The music of Ninsk is especially characterized by a flexible exploration of different styles. The musicians don't seem to care a rap. Nothing is sacred, everything can be used. Sometimes extremes like funk, freefunk, fusion, country'n western, rhythm'n blues and rock'n roll were touged in a bird's eyes view. All this was poured in a jazzy sauce with flashing solo's. In other pieces the various ingredients got more room to breathe. This procedure was not boring for one moment. Freaky psychedelica and pseudo freejazz passages were sharply varied by tight group arrangements. No mean achievement..."
Kees Polling / Trouw

"... Now and then the John Zorn's 'Naked City' like country is alternated with hardcore sounds, while Charlie Haden fan Edwin Wieringa isn't bashful with beautiful melodies..."
Marcel Roelofs / Summer Jazz Tour


Ninsk, the first album
Letters and Signs (TT 559-003)
Check Twice (TT 559-019)

© Jūratė Kučinskaitė

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