36th Vilnius Jazz Festival. 12-16 October, 2022
Musica Reservata Vilnius Jazz'2003
Musica Reservata (Italy):

Michael Gassman
- trumpet
Vincenzo Mingiardi
- guitar
Roberto Bonati
- double bass
Roberto Dani
- drums

The Italian-Swiss band Musica Reservata was created for Verdi's centenary (2001) during the worldwide live concert via Internet from the Verdi Theatre in Busseto, Và Pensiero Day, when the group performed reformulations of Giuseppe Verdi's music. The next, during the ParmaJazz Frontiere and Jubilaum in Zurich Musica Reservata already presented their works and was well-appreciated by audience and critics. The concert in Zurich was recorded and broadcasted on Swiss TV.

Open to various diverse music experiments Musica Reservata also performs both certain concrete compositions and total improvisations. Concordant international quartet treats improvisation as a closed dialogue and includes in it unusual musical reminiscences, quasi-folk elements, pointed with original rhythm and noise tracery, developed in constant change between the musicians and the audience.

The co-leader of Musica Reservata - Michael Gassmann - is a Swiss trumpetist, who co-operates with the creators of new Italian jazz. For almost thirty years he has extensively performed on new jazz stage.

The musician plays trumpet since the age of eight. When a teenager, M.Gassman used to perform with various projects. At the age of twenty the musician has already appeared on professional jazz stage.

In the late sixties the trumpetist began to distinguish himself as a leader, between his earlier bands there was Michael Gassmann quartet, which still exists.

Having found the richness of Italian jazz, the trumpetist began to work with the musicians of this country, at the same time, having worked in Switzerland with several bands and some individual foreign performers, such as Abdullah Ibrahim. Besides his work with Musica Reservata, M.Gassmann as a leader or co-leader works with his quartet, group Applied Senses, in duet with Stefano Battaglia. He performs in Thomas Silvestri quintet, co-operates with Pierre Favre, Menico Ferrari, Kieloor Entartet, Laszlo Spiro, etc.

M.Gassmann is of extremely high opinion of Miles Davis, so it is not surprising that by his 'economic' manner of playing he continues the traditions of Miles Davis.

A unique colour to the sound of Musica Reservata is provided by the guitar player and composer Vincenzo Mingiardi, famous expert of Oriental traditions as well. In the past ten years he studied Oriental cultures and so extensively studied with Indian culture, that Italian tourist clubs even published his two guides about India. It is natural that despite to the Western music clichés - from jazz to minimalism - V.Mingiardi's style was influenced by non-European music cultures.

Besides his performing with Musica Reservata the guitar player currently record CD with the Indian singer Sangita Bandyopadhyay.

Contabassist and composer of Musica Reservata, Roberto Bonati, is distinguished by his extreme activeness. He is not only a brilliant musician, but also an intriguing composer, producer and conductor. The contrabassist performs with such famous Italian jazz musicians, as Giorgio Gaslini, Bruno Tommaso, Stefano Battaglia; with such jazz creators form the USA as Paul Mc Candless, Michael Moore, Dave Liebman, Ritchie Beirach, Glenn Ferris, etc. He lead the quartet and from 1997 he also performs solo. R.Bonati also plays academic and contemporary music with Italian Television Symphonic Orchestra and lots of Italian chamber bands, such as Il Quartettone or Ensemble Garbarino. Besides he composes music for cinema and theatre, works with choreographers and conducts pedagogical work.

R.Bonaty has performed on professional jazz stage for more than twenty years and from 1996 he is an Artistic Manager of ParmaJazz-Frontiere festival. In 1998 he formed ParmaJazz Frontiere Orchestra and created the following compositions I Love you Porgy (1998), Le Rêve du Jongleur (1999), …poi nella serena luce… Omaggio ad Attilio Bertolucci (2000) and The Blanket of the Dark, a Study for Lady Macbeth (2001).

R.Bonatti is one of the most impressive composers and arrangers, distinctive, according to S.Loewy by his 'Elington-like ambitions and seeking'. Even in the debut album of the Quartet, the compositions of the leader are unique, distinctive by their maturity. The traditions of Italian music are alive in R.Bonati's oeuvre: the musician constantly turns back to the rich musical past of Italy, the medieval traditions and surprises with his ability to combine the old and the new. So in his compositions Grigorian choral performs together with jazzists and in his creative jazz structures are supplemented with rich classic harmony.

The drummer and composer of Musica Reservata, Roberto Dani, is known for his faultless technique and flexibility. He is one of the most desirable sidemen. Roberto Dani has performed almost all over the Europe, Japan, Farce and in the famous New York Blue Note and Knitting Factory.

In his discography there are over forty albums, including three personal.

In 1994 after the studies at Berklee college that lasted for a couple of months, his work with various rock and folk ensembles R.Dani changed into jazz and improvisation music that he performed with Kenny Wheeler, Dave Liebman, Mick Goodrick, Louis Sclavis, Tim Berne, Lee Konitz, Enrico Rava, Richard Galliano, Paolo Fresu, etc. In 1997, during the Jazz a Vienne contest, where he participated with Glauco Venier Trio, the musician won the second prise as a soloist, and in trio he was awarded the first prise.

Besides intensive work with various groups, R.Dani also distinguishes as soloist and the leader of unusually cast groups. In 1998 he formed his first ensemble Images, where such musicians as cellist Henning Sieverts, pianist Glauco Venier and famous singer Norma Winstone performed. In 1999 Splash released their debut CD called Images. In 2000 together with French Michel Godard and American trumpetist Kyle Gregory he formed trio Interférences, that was acknowledged as one of the most innovative contemporary music projects. And this year appeared the third, live-recorded in Olympico theatre personal album of the drummer. In this quartet cast play: clarinettist Louis Sclavis, trumpetist Kyle Gregory, and cellist Vincent Courtois.

© Jûratë Kuèinskaitë

Kazutoki Umezu / Masahiko Satoh

Kazutoki Umezu - alt sax, soprano sax, clarinet, bass clarinet
Masahiko Satoh - jazz pianist, composer, arranger
Manfred Leuchter


Manfred Leuchter - accord.
Heribert Leuchter - sax
Christoph Titz - trumpet
Antoine Pütz - b, guitar
Afra Mussawisade - dr
Fredrik Nordström Quintet

Fredrik Nordström - ts,
Magnus Broo - tp,
Mattias Stahl - vib,
Filip Augustson - b,
Fredrik Rundqvist - dr
Myra Melford Quartet
"Be Bread"


Myra Melford - piano, harmonium
Cuong Vu - trumpet
Stomu Takeishi - bass
Elliot Humberto Kavee - dr
Milaðius Power Trio & Darius Èiuta

Juozas Milaðius - g
Skirmantas Sasnauskas - trombone
Arkady Gotesman - dr
Darius Èiuta - pc
Saadet Türköz /
Urs Leimgruber


Saadet Türköz - voc
Urs Leimgruber - sax
Cinematic Orchestra

Jason Swinscoe - key, electronics
Phil France - double bass
Luke Flowers - dr
Steve Brown - key
Patrick Carpenter - turntables
Tom Chant - sax, horn