36th Vilnius Jazz Festival. 12-16 October, 2022
Jan Maksimovich Quartet Vilnius Jazz'2003

Jan Maksimovich Quartet (Lithuania):

Jan Maksimovich - ss, ts, programming
Dominykas Vy­niauskas - tp, flhn
Dima Golovanov - keyboards
Darius Rudis - dr

Saxophonist Jan Maksimovich, who represents the Young Generation of Lithuanian jazz, appeared on jazz stage in 1996 and last year debuted as a leader and since then he already became known by his perfectionism. Currently the musician deservedly is called one of the most distinguished Lithuanian jazz saxophonists.

J.Maksimovich studied at B.Dvarionas' ten-year music school, Vilnius conservatoire and Lithuanian Academy of Music, in P.Vy­niauskas' class. He used to participate and receive excellent awards at various contests: in 1994 in the J.Pakalnis' contest; in 1999 during the competition of the Best Lithuanian Saxophonists in Klaipeda he was awarded the Grand Prix; in 2000 during the International Saxophonist Contest Brilliant Note 2000 in Latvia he received the Third Prize, and during the International Junior Jazz Performers' Contest in Klaipeda in 2000 he was acknowledged the best one. The saxophonist has performed with famous Lithuanian jazz musicians: V.Labutis, P.Vy­niauskas, O.Molokojedov, D.Pulauskas, A.Anusauskas, D.Praspaliauskis, A.Shlaustas, A.Gotesman, V.Nivinski, etc. As a member of various ensembles he participated in various jazz festivals both in Lithuania and abroad. J.Maksimovich plays solo, participates in various music projects with the performers of jazz and academic music: in 2000 with Polish Chamber Orchestra (leader.Z.Levickij) he gave concerts in Czech Republic and Lithuania, in 2002 he played in a festival, called e-muzika, where the saxophonist performed a composition by L.Paulauskis Gyvojo Vandens Ma­ina (Life Giving Water Machine), performs with the organist V.Neugasimov. The saxophonist also works as a tutor: he teaches at Vilnius conservatoire.

A year ago J.Maksimovich presented during Vilnius Jazz festival his quintet, where played the old-timers of Lithuanian jazz stage. The new band of J.Maksimovich consists of young Lithuanian jazzmen. The Quartet began to form this year, when the saxophonist offered a couple of students of the Academy of Music to try spontaneous improvisation. In a couple of months the band grew into J.Maksimovich trio, which in June participated in Lithuanian Days in Greece. From spontaneous improvisation the band transformed into the current expression, and, with P.Vy­niauskas having joined the team, from trio it grew into Jan Maksimovich Quartet. This cast also has some concert experience: in the summer they played in the music festival organised by the Polish Institute.

For Vilnius Jazz festival the Quartet prepared the program of unique compositions, the essence of which is free improvisations, having constantly digressed to poly-stylistic expression, integrated bop, drum'n'bass, etc. trend and style elements.

Recently the trumpetist of Jan Maksimovich Quartet, Dominykas Vy­niauskas has become more active and distinguished on jazz stage. Currently he is a student of the Lithuanian Academy of Music. D.Vy­niauskas used to study in M.K.Chiurlionis Gymnasium of Arts and Klaipeda S.Shimkus Conservatoire. In 2001 during the J.Pakalnis Young Performers Contest the trumpetist won the second prize.

On jazz stage D.Vy­niauskas debuted at the age of seven with P.Vy­niauskas' Quartet, during Bir­tonas'88 festival. In 1992 with V.Chekasin's children jazz band gave concerts in Germany and Junior Jazz Festival in Vilnius. In 1997 in Paris, in Central UNESCO Headquarters improvised under V.Bartulis works; this concert was presented by CNN in many different countries. The trumpetist became more involved and interested in jazz when he studied in Klaipeda.

D.Vy­niauskas participated at Birshtonas (1988, 1998, 2000), Kaunas (1999, 2000), Klaipeda Pilies (1999, 2001) Vilnius Band (2002, 2003), Vilnius Mama Jazz (2002), Minsk (2002), Junas (2002, France) jazz festivals. D.Vy­niauskas concert biography also includes a number of international projects: last year he performed in Vapirov's Big Band (during Vilnius Mama Jazz festival), this year he played with I.Bril in Belarus, with Estonian Dream Big Band in Estonia and the organist David Tim, and in late August the trumpetist played with Mezkal Jazz Unit in France.

The keyboardist of the quartet Dmitrij Golovanov is a rapidly progressing young jazz musician. D.Golovanov graduated from B.Dvarionas' music school and studies at the Lithuanian Academy of Music (teacher A.Anusauskas). Having appeared on jazz stage with Jazz Pictures ensemble he performs with a number of famous Lithuanian jazz masters. The twenty-year-old pianist has already participated in a number of different international jazz festivals, such as: Junior Jazz (1997, 1999, 2001, 2003), Birshtonas (2000), Kaunas (2001 and 2002), Vilnius (2001 and 2002), and Minsk (2003 in project with brothers Bril) festivals. This year D.Golovanov performed in Athens, during the Introduction of European Union Candidate States. In 2001 during the National Young Jazz Musician Contest in Vilnius D. Golovanov became the winner in keyboard instrument category; in 2002 together with The Jazz Pictures band he won the second prize in Junior Jazz Band Contest in Vilnius. The musician together with Jazz Pictures band released a CD.

Good stage experience also has Darius Rudis, the drummer of the quartet. He used to study at B.Dvarionas' music school, Vilnius Conservatoire; currently he studies in the Lithuanian Academy of Music. D.Rudis performs with the famous Lithuanian jazz musicians, including D.Pulauskas' sextet, L.Shinkarenka quartet and septet, V.Labutis' ensemble, D.Praspaliauskis and A.Shlaustas' quintet; the musician has participated at various jazz festivals in Lithuania and abroad. Currently D.Rudis has extensively performed with J.Maksimovich, A.Chalikov and Tune Up trio.

© JűratŰ KuŔinskaitŰ


Kazutoki Umezu / Masahiko Satoh

Kazutoki Umezu - alt sax, soprano sax, clarinet, bass clarinet
Masahiko Satoh - jazz pianist, composer, arranger
Manfred Leuchter


Manfred Leuchter - accord.
Heribert Leuchter - sax
Christoph Titz - trumpet
Antoine PŘtz - b, guitar
Afra Mussawisade - dr
Fredrik Nordstr÷m Quintet

Fredrik Nordstr÷m - ts,
Magnus Broo - tp,
Mattias Stahl - vib,
Filip Augustson - b,
Fredrik Rundqvist - dr
Myra Melford Quartet
"Be Bread"


Myra Melford - piano, harmonium
Cuong Vu - trumpet
Stomu Takeishi - bass
Elliot Humberto Kavee - dr
Mila­ius Power Trio & Darius ╚iuta

Juozas Mila­ius - g
Skirmantas Sasnauskas - trombone
Arkady Gotesman - dr
Darius ╚iuta - pc
Saadet TŘrk÷z /
Urs Leimgruber


Saadet TŘrk÷z - voc
Urs Leimgruber - sax
Cinematic Orchestra

Jason Swinscoe - key, electronics
Phil France - double bass
Luke Flowers - dr
Steve Brown - key
Patrick Carpenter - turntables
Tom Chant - sax, horn
Musica Reservata

Michael Gassman - trumpet
Vincenzo Mingiardi - guitar
Roberto Bonati - double bass
Roberto Dani - drums