36th Vilnius Jazz Festival. 12-16 October, 2022
Jan Maksimovich Quintet Vilnius Jazz'2002

Jan Maksimovich Quintet (Lithuania):

Jan Maksimovich - ss, ts,
Valerijus Ramoška
- tp, flghn
Dainius Pulauskas
- synth,
Eugenijus Kanevičius
- db,
Darius Rudis
- dr

Jan Maksimovich
, the saxophonist and famous representative of the junior generation of Lithuanian jazz, is going to debut at Vilnius Jazz'2002 Festival as a leader and author of various compositions. Jan Maksimovich is a staring saxophonist of Lithuanian jazz: he studied music at Balys Dvarionas Music School, Vilnius Conservatoire, and a year ago he was conferred a MD at the Lithuanian Academy of Music, in Petras Vyshniauskas class. The saxophonist has participated at various contests, where he was well-assessed: in 1994 he participated at J.Pakalnis Contest in Kaunas, in 1999 he won Grand Prix of the Best Lithuanian Saxophonist Contest in Klaipėda, in 2000 he was third at the Brilliant Note 2000, an International Saxophonist Contest in Latvia, and in 2000 he was acknowledged the best musician of an International Young Jazz Performers Contest in Klaipėda.

Jan Maksimovich has performed with such famous Lithuanian jazzists as Vytas Labutis, Petras Vyshniauskas, Oleg Molokojedov, Dainius Pulauskas, Artūras Anusauskas, Danielius Praspaliauskis, Arkadij Gotesman, Vytas Nivinskis, etc. Together with various bands he has participated at jazz festivals in Lithuania and abroad. The musician has recently worked not only with jazzists, but also with classic music performers. In 1999 he played solo in Vilnius and Warsaw, in 2000, in Czech Republic, he performed with the Polish Chamber Orchestra (leader Z.Levickij), and participated at Pažaislis festival. This year Jan Maksimovich began to teach at Vilnius Conservatoire.

Vilnius Jazz audience remembers the young musician from his performing with Oleg Molokjedov's ensemble (2000) and the Coltrane Impressions project (2000). Since then he has worked with Valerijus Ramoška and Dainius Pulauskas. Those two famous musicians joined Jan Maksimovich Quintet, which has been gradually formed during the recent two years.

The trumpeter Valerijus Ramoška is famous not only in Lithuania, but also abroad. He began to play jazz in 1990. Valerijus Ramoška is a permanent partner and a member of Dainius Pulauskas Quintet (later the Sextet). The trumpeter also works in duos with Dainius Pulauskas and Egidijus Buozhis, as well as with Dainius Pulauskas's Sextet, and Leonid Shinkarenka's Quartet and Septet. He has also performed with such orchestras as the Lithuanian TV and Radio and Kaunas Big bands. Valerijus Ramoška has worked with Danielius Praspaliauskis, Vytas Labutis, Vladimir Chekasin, Vladimir Tarasov, Petras Vyshniauskas, Skirmantas Sasnauskas, etc. Together with various bands he has participated at jazz festivals in Lithuania, Europe and Asia. Valerijus Ramoška teaches at Vilnius Conservatoire.

Dainius Pulauskas, the pianist and composer plays synthesizers in Jan Maksimovich Quintet. He is also a leader and a perfect soloist of his own sextet, and a member of various famous bands. The keyboardist has graduated from Vilnius Conservatoire and the Lithuanian Academy of Music. Together with the Oktava orchestra, where he used to work from 1981, he used to extensively travel all over the World. From 1990 he performs on various Lithuanian jazz venues. Dainius Pulauskas has worked with a number of Lithuanian jazz musicians, such as Skirmantas Sasnauskas, Danielius Praspaliauskis, Liudas Mockūnas, Leonid Shinkarenko, etc. From 1994 he leads and composes for his own groups. His sextet very soon became one of the most important Lithuanian jazz ensembles: they recorded 3 CDs - Penetration, 1999 and the Autumn Suite, and participated at jazz festivals in Lithuania, Europe and Asia. Recently Dainius Pulauskas has joined Leonid Shinkarenko's Jazz 4 and the Septet, works with the Lithuanian TV and Radio Big band, plays solo and in duos. During the Vilnius Jazz'2001 Festival Dainius Pulauskas and Valerijus Ramoška's duo, presented their CD Parallel Lines.

Dainius Pulauskas is a recognised soloist: his piano and electronic keyboard techniques are just excellent. In 1980 he became the laureate of the Piano Improvisation Contest of the Lithuanian Academy of Music. In 1997 the keyboardist recorded his solo CD Moods, which was released in 2000. Dainius Pulauskas played solo at the International Piano Stars Festival Liepaja'99 in Latvia, and, in 2001, at the International Jazz Pianist Festival in Prague.

Eugenijus Kanevičius, the bassist of the Quintet, has played jazz for over than fifteen years. Lithuanian audience had many opportunities to listen to his performing together with Skirmantas Sasnauskas, Petras Vyshniauskas, Vytas Labutis, Tomas Kutavichius, and Juozas Milashius's ensembles, as well as with Vladimir Tarasov's LAO, Kaunas Big band, and the Vilnius Jazz Quartet. He also plays solo, in duos and in ensembles, where Eugenijus Kanevičius is the leader and author of various compositions. The musician participated at a number Lithuanian and European jazz festivals. He also writes cinema and theatre music, as well as various compositions.

Darius Rudis, young but promising drummer of the Quintet, is an experienced Lithuanian jazz musician. He has graduated from Balys Dvarionas Music School and Vilnius Conservatoire, and this year he has entered the Lithuanian Academy of Music. Darius Rudis has performed with a number of famous Lithuanian jazz groups, such as Dainius Pulauskas Sextet, Leonid Shinkarenka Quartet and Septet, and Vytas Labutis Ensemble. He has participated at jazz festivals in Lithuania and abroad.

For the Vilnius Jazz'2002 Festival Jan Maksimovich together with his Quintet has prepared a program full of spontaneity and free improvisation compositions of the leader.

© Jūratė Kučinskaitė

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