36th Vilnius Jazz Festival. 12-16 October, 2022
Lindha Svantesson Vilnius Jazz'2002

Lindha Svantesson "Jazz in Sweden" - Artist 2001

Singer and vocal improviser Lindha Svantesson has been selected to do next year's Jazz in Sweden production.

Lindha Svantesson has broad-ranging musical experience: personal versions of jazz standards, her own compositions - for which she has both written the lyrics and composed the music - as well as free vocal improvisations. She is not only a competent artist but she has also already developed a unique musical personality with a charismatic presence on stage.

Lindha was born in 1972 and grew up in Mölnlycke, near Gothenburg on the Swedish west coast. She is a member of various groups, her own and those of others, in which she plays together with musicians such as Per "Texas" Johansson, Fredrik Ljungkvist, Kjell Nordeson, David Stackenäs and John Lindblom.

During the spring of 2001 Lindha has gone on tour with Palle Danielsson and Gerry Hemingway. She has been very busy with recordings and concerts and her work has elicited a great many rave reviews.

This year she has also appeared with internationally acclaimed artists such as Sonic Youth and the American bassist William Parker.

For the CD recording and the tour, Lindha has herself chosen the musicians with whom she will play.

The group is to include:
Lindha Svantesson - vocal
Fredrik Ljungkvist - saxophones
John Lindblom - guitar
Petter Winnberg - bass
Hans Andersson - bass
Fredrik Rundqvist - drums


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